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 Marcia Holdsworth

"As I'm at the age where I now qualify for the senior discount at the movies, it's probably understandable when I say there have been several dentists in my life. Dr. Toner and his staff are at the top of my list! They have been very caring, friendly, and professional in each, and every interaction.

Dr. Toner surprised me on my first visit when examining more than my teeth: the inside and outside of my mouth, checks, jaw and neck. No dentist had ever done that before. The exam reminded me of a magazine article about a Chicago chef just completing a successful tongue cancer surgery, so I was impressed by how thorough Dr. Toner was. Then, within months, a close friend was diagnosed with tongue cancer found by his dentist. Now, I'm even more thankful to my friend for recommending Dr. Toner to me and my family, and am very happy to say "Dr. Jim Toner is our family's dentist and I highly recommend him".

 Geri Harre

"Don't procrastinate if you are thinking about having cosmetic work done on your teeth. You are just depriving yourself of a beautiful smile and added self confidence when you speak or smile. Dr. Toner and his staff provided the professional, informative and caring atmosphere for my procedure. I cannot speak highly enough about my experience. It is so worth the time and money for what I receive on a personal daily basis. Thank you again for making this such a positive experience."


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Jeanette Oliveira, Richmond American Homes, Irvine, CA

"I never cared for dentists until I started going to Dr. Toner. His staff is amazing, and I can't say enough nice things about all of them. They make you feel comfortable from the moment you walk into the office. They are very gentle and genuinely care about their client base. If someone is looking for a great dentist you would be a fool to look any further."

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Diane Stafford-Munoz

"Dr. Toner did an amazing job on my teeth and gave me a sparkling smile in just two visits to his office!

I've always been a big smiler but I found myself feeling a little self-conscious as my teeth became yellow and discolored with age. The veneers have made a major change, and now I can once again flash my big smile without having to worry about off-color teeth.

His work was beautiful, painless, and far more satisfying than I even imagined. I would recommend a smile makeover by Dr. Toner to anyone who wants a whiter, better smile. He is a sensational dentist and makes the whole process patient-friendly."

Kenneth E. Stevens, President, All Care Services, Tustin, CA

"I want to take this opportunity to show my appreciation for the many years of dental work from Dr. Terrence Toner and now his son, Dr. James Toner.

I started seeing Dr. Terrence Toner when I first came to Southern California from Northern California, in 1973, I believe. If not 1973, it was around that time. When I brought my wife Lynn, from Florida to this area, in 1984, she too started seeing Dr. Terrence. My mother-in-law, at the age of 94 now sees Dr. James Toner.

Our longevity, from the three of us, should tell the story of how much we like their practice and the people working for them. Every one of the people in the office has been great to work with. They are pleasant, responsive to our needs and make a dental appointment an OK day, without anxiety. My wife and I find Dr. James caring, charismatic, funny and keeping us smiling...with our "newly cleaned teeth".

Lynn and I would be happy to talk to any of your prospective patients, business associates or any one needing an encouraging word."